AI Platform  of Arman

A “Platform” to “Podium” in AI

Explore our comprehensive family of AI services which includes more than 60 fascianating modules of Image, Audio and Text processing

We complete every project with extra cases as customer need.

AIPA’s Cognitive Services bring AI within reach of every developer–without requiring machine-learning expertise; all it takes is an API call to embed the ability to see, hear, speak, understand, and accelerate decision-making into your apps.

10 companies are currently using our services




Introduction of AIPA`s tools in text processing


Introduction of AIPA`s tools in audio processing


Introduction of AIPA`s tools in image processing

You Are the Center of Our Universe

losers out!

Our team is consisted of intelliegent AI specialists who have achieved huge triumphs together at Arman Rayan Sharif. The main characteristics of these professionals are expertise, experience and creativity.

Surprise ...!

One of the features of AIPA is the unprecedented speed of develpoing new tools as well as improving the exisiting ones; You will be amazed to see the speed and the variety of changes.

Smart Assistants!

After using our AI-Based services and experiencing our 24-7 support services, the word “Smart Assistant” would definitely ring a special name in your mind: AIPA


What programming languages does AIPA support?

The AIPA communication platform is based on the standard REST protocol that can be used in all common programming languages.

Security is my main concern. Is it secure to use AIPA?

The AIPA authentication structure is developed using the OAuth2 protocol. On the other hand, all requests and data transmitted will be stored simultaneously with the report to the user; users have access to all stored data in the file manager.

How to access APIs technical documentation and details?

All of the APIs developed on the standard OpenAPI platform are available with user details and examples.

How much does each service cost and how are they calculated?

Please see the price list in Pricing (this is a hyperlink to the pricing page)

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